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Cisco Austria beim DACH SYMPOSIUM 2013 – WomenTalkBusiness®



  Photos and Text: Jutta Jerlich

At the Women Talk Business Event in Vienna on 6. May 2013 Achim Kaspar, CEO of Cisco Austria, was invited to participate and sponsor the Symposium “Success Factor Women: Quota & Co tested for effectiveness”. Participants from all stakeholder groups from the DACH region discussed the topic in several round tables hosted by the Federal Minister for Women and the Civil Service Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek.

The round table discussions included the topics: Economic benefit of women in business, Mis-matching of qualified women and companies not finding the female talents, Change in organizational culture. Achim Kaspar’s Introductory keynote encompassed the urgent need for women in IT companies due to the solution focused approach women bring. He presented the numerous internal initiatives @ Cisco opening the world of IT to attract women to work for Cisco. Achim Kaspar also showcased the Cisco Networking Academy in its 15 Year, Cisco’s successful worldwide CSR program, allowing young women an early entry into the IT world with a special focus on the recent Girls Day Initiatives throughout Cisco offices.

Participants and presenters used the time to inquire in the auditorium and during the networking sessions about the practice of how working at Cisco looks like. and how using Collaboration and Video Technology can allows a more flexible and open work structure that benefits women and men equally.



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