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IT Nuggets @AINAC 2014


The IT Nuggets Workshops have become a fixed requirement in the agenda of a Networking Academy Day in Austria. For NetAcad Instructors it is the one and only time every year to personally speak and discuss technical questions with members from the Technical Team. This is one of the main reasons they participate.

The Austrian Community wants to thank Bogdan Doina and Giuseppe Cinque for their invaluable contribution to the Networking Academy Days. Until next year!

Bogdan2013Here is Bogdan`s Review and Resource Package:

Thank you for your invitation to AINAC. It was a very successful event and I look forward to your implementation of the clear take-aways from the IT Nugget workshops into your classrooms.

It was fun playing the game and I found our discussions afterwards very affirmative and productive. I welcome opportunities to collaborate with you and would like to expand the dissemination of the game inside your communities.

Conquer the Network

Extra resources requested by Instructors @NetSpace:

I enjoyed the IoE keynote and your great feedback and want to refer you to following materials:

IoE Vision – Value at Stake

Please note that the resources are located in NetSpace where you will need to login.
Educators and instructors new to the Cisco Networking Academy Program please contact jjerlich@cisco.com or your local academy program manager in your region.

Looking forward to continue working with you and meeting you in one of the numerous instructor activities we run on a continuous basis. See you again next year!


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