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All-round talents are rare to find


and what organizations really need.

Digital Transformation eliminates borders.

It constructs processes that build bridges across business units, departments, groups, teams and continents. It connects silos and islands. The analysis of (lots of) real life data and their interpretation is the basis for better decisions. Decisions that need to be taken to compete against organizations from a global market place.

Crucial skill to connect disciplines across different domains are people who can communicate complex topics in a clear and simple way and understand different viewpoints, professional backgrounds and its vocabulary to identify the connecting point.

Where do you build these skills?

The Creativity Engineering program is designed to be the playground for people with ideas to create sustainable solutions for our problems using technology. People pitch their ideas, create teams, find the missing talents for their ideas to grow into a service or product offered on the global market.

teamcastingWho need these skills?


Depending on the speed of change in your industry digital transformation happens slower or faster. The change is drastic. Entire professions are disappearing, new ones are being created, nobody really knows where this will lead us. Admitting this takes courage. It takes even more courage to accept the facts and look for a way forward without cursing the past and fearing what we do not know. Building the bridge between both ends integrating all we know.

The people who are building the Business Applications bridging us into this future have to be skilled programmers, system architects, user experience designers, mathematicians and analysts at the same time.

Not possible. Exactly!

We have to work together. The Business Applications of the future will gradually evolve from a disbursed group of domain experts contributing their knowledge.

A startup to watch

Sclable builds fully-functional Business Application in a couple of days with agile teams – building the bridge from old to new. From day one the seamless transition from prototyping ideas to a rollout-ready product is visible. In three months operational.

The Future of Agile Teams


Nurture all round talents

Seven european start up hotspots to watch – #Sclable



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